Key S: JUNP, A: Swip, Left and Right Arrow mov, Esc: Pause


On the planet there are many points of illegal nature exploration, which need to be monitored for the preservation of the environment, and you are an ECO AGENT that will monitor these sites in the most diverse climatic systems(tropical forest, glacial, deserto, florest snow and others) cada sistemas destes tem dezenas de stages, where each phase is an illegal exploration point of nature. You walk the area declaring it as a protected area. To contemplate the stages you need to reach the required score by collecting the game chips and emeralds. The trails are full of obstacles and some surprises like bears and other animals that make the race very interesting.

Upon completion of each stage, relevant information about the environment, plants and endangered species is displayed.
The game is still under development.

-------- IN DEVELOPMENT -----------------

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